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Working In France

Psychotherapy is not simply a means of resolving problems but a way to help one realise one's potential. It's a chance to make a good life even better.

Here in France I aim to offer professional support to English-speaking residents who may be experiencing difficulties adjusting to their new lives in this country. Such difficulties can stem from feeling a lack of social support, changing to a life without work, feeling a lack of worth or status. Stress is perfectly usual given the huge changes demanded when one moves from one country to another. Needing a little help is quite common.

I am happy to work with individuals in short-term and long-term contracts on the following issues among others.
  • Personal growth
  • Difficulties coping with change
  • Sexuality and sexual good health
  • Psycho-spiritual development
  • Resolving inner conflict and confusion
  • Dying and bereavement
  • Limoux
    Please note that because of the complexity and subtlety of the work, I can only work with clients who have English as their mother tongue.

    Working by phone

    I meet in person with half of my clients. The rest live elsewhere in France, in the UK or further afield and we "meet" by phone. I've worked by phone for twenty years and have found it even more effective then face-to-face work; free from the usual visual distractions, the most intense rapport can develop and the clients tend to move more quickly to the core issues. The experience can be very powerful.

    I phone my clients at pre-agreed times so there is no additional cost.